Podcast: ‘The Excellence Dividend’

POD2112: Management Expert Tom Peters on ‘The Excellence Dividend’

Management guru Tom Peters spent the past five decades studying operational effectiveness in public and private organizations around the world. He rose to fame with his first book, “In Search of Excellence,” in which he first posited the notion that the pursuit of excellence is an underlying attribute in successful organizations. In his new book, “The Excellence Dividend,” Peters tells readers to try more things, screw more things up, hang out with more interesting people, and – above all – not settle for anything less than excellence. Peters joins Pod2112 to talk about “The Excellence Dividend,” why soft skills are more important in business than hard skills, why execution is more important than analysis, and how managers and companies need to slow down to truly reach their potential for excellence.

Tom Peters
Author of “The Excellence Dividend”


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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