Podcast: Expediting Partner Time to Revenue

POD2112: SAP Ariba’s Natasha Loeffler-Little on Expediting Partner Time to Revenue

Every vendor wants partners to produce more revenue. The challenge is onboarding partners and enabling them to sell and support vendors’ products and services. While the channel is an important source of revenue for vendors, that revenue doesn’t always get generated quickly. For many vendors, the onboarding and enablement process can take as long as six months, which delays partners from getting in the field to prospect and sell. Fast partner time to revenue is important because it gives vendor management confidence in the value of the channel program. For channel managers, though, partner time to revenue is a strong indicator of the potential of channel partners. Natasha Loeffler-Little, head of North America channels at SAP Ariba, joins Pod2112 to talk about the importance of partner time to revenue and strategies for expediting it.

Natasha Loeffler-LittleNatasha Loeffler-Little
Head of North America Channels, SAP Ariba


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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