Podcast: Making CAMs Cloud Business Development Managers

POD2112: Citrix’s Carlos Blanco on Making CAMs Cloud Business Development Managers

A funny thing happened on the way to the cloud: The way we conduct business and sales changed. No longer is the technology market merely a series of transactions and box shipments. Fixation on quote retirement doesn’t do much to help partners develop books of business that result in stable and predictable recurring revenue streams. Partners need support in business transformation and maturation, and they need it from their channel account managers. Getting CAMs to act more like business development managers takes more than changing job descriptions. Vendors need to provide CAMs with direction, training, and resources. They also have to change their compensation plans. Carlos Blanco, senior director of Worldwide Cloud Service Providers at Citrix, joins Pod2112 to talk about the need for transforming the role of channel account managers in the cloud computing era.

Carlos Blanco, CitrixCarlos Blanco
Senior Director of Worldwide Cloud Service Providers, Citrix


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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