Podcast: Brand Power


POD2112: Xerox’s Toni Clayton-Hine on Brand Power

Brands are more than just the names of companies and products. Brands are the embodiment of corporate missions and value propositions. While brands don’t make products, products can define brands and buyer propensity to use a company’s products and services. Through brand building, companies position themselves for purchasing consideration, customer loyalty, and market influence. Some brands are so successful that they become generic – known for their company and/or products as well as the products of competitors. Branding isn’t an overnight exercise. It takes careful crafting to ensure the message aligns with the products and mission, and then it takes persistent delivery to the target market to ensure prospective buyers understand and internalize the brand message and value.

Toni Clayton-Hine, chief marketing officer at Xerox, knows the benefits and challenges of brand building. Clayton-Hine oversees a brand synonymous with photocopying and the printed page, a brand so well-known that it’s hard to think of any other copier vendor without thinking of Xerox. But she’s also challenged with evolving the brand so people recognize Xerox’s existing and future capabilities in document management, business process optimization, and time-saving solutions. Clayton-Hine joins Pod2112 to discuss brand building and brand management, sharing what every company needs to know about the power of brand.

Toni Clayton-HineToni Clayton-Hine
Chief Marketing Officer, Xerox


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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