Podcast: The Vendor Perspective on Distribution

POD2112: Cisco’s Andrew Sage: The Vendor Perspective on Distribution

Distribution is a valued resource for the technology industry and channel. For decades, distributors have provided vendors and partners with the logistical support they need to get products into the hands of customers. While distributors continue to provide valuable services and support to vendors, the market is changing rapidly as vendors, partners, and customers shift their models to services, and many vendors are questioning what role distribution will play in the services era. Will distributors, many of which have developed services arms and added more support mechanisms, continue to provide the value-add support that vendors rely upon today? Andrew Sage, vice president of Americas distribution at Cisco Systems, joins Pod2112 to discuss the evolving role and value of distribution from a vendor perspective.

Andrew Sage

Andrew Sage
VP of Americas Distribution, Cisco


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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