Podcast: What Makes a Fledgling IoT Company Worth Watching

POD2112: GE Ventures’ Mike Dolbec on What Makes a Fledgling IoT Company Worth Watching

The IoT space consists of billions of devices, touches a variety of vertical markets, and presents an extraordinarily large total addressable market. For innovative entrepreneurs, the key to success today is developing IoT solutions that are highly scalable, repeatable, and reliable. Investors seek entrepreneurs who can create widely consumable enterprise solutions to solve real-world problems; achieve efficiencies with data; make intelligent observations; and match the right solutions to the right customers. Michael Dolbec, senior managing director of venture capital and corporate business development at GE Ventures, talks to Pod2112 about the future of IoT and what makes a digital start-up investment-worthy in today’s competitive climate.

Mike Dolbec

Mike Dolbec
Senior Managing Director of Venture Capital and Corporate Business Development, GE Ventures


Bryn Nettesheim
Senior Analyst, The 2112 Group


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