Podcast: Enabling Partners for the IoT World

POD2112: Chorus Communications’ Rob Molinaro on Enabling Partners for the IoT World

The Internet of Things is booming. Over the next decade, as many as 75 billion IP-enabled devices will connect to the Internet, enabling everything from automated home heating systems to automated factories. People talk about the big IoT opportunities in the channel, but often in the abstract. Master agent Chorus Communications isn’t waiting for the IoT haze to clear. It recently launched a new initiative to enable its resellers, managed service providers, and telecom agents with skills, resources, and insights into IoT market opportunities. It invested in developing new connection options to carry IoT traffic. And it’s launched into the market with an IoT health-care offering that monitors and manages prescription drug consumption. Chorus Communications’ Rob Molinaro joins Pod2112 to discuss his company’s IoT initiative, the resources it’s providing partners, and its expectations for getting ahead of the IoT market curve.

Rob Molinaro

Vice President, Chorus Communications


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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