Podcast: Leadership’s Role in Channel Transformation

POD2112: SAP’s Karl Fahrbach on Leadership’s Role in Channel Transformation

To say that the technology market is evolving is a bit of an understatement. Advancing technology and service-delivery models are changing the way vendors develop, sell, and deliver their products. Traditional routes to market just won’t cut it going forward, which is why many vendors are looking to transform their channels with new models, partner relationships, and value propositions. Transitioning and transforming channels isn’t easy, as it often means navigating a minefield of corporate political, cultural, and strategic conflicts. Getting channels to transform requires top-down leadership, which is why SAP recently appointed Karl Fahrbach its first chief partner officer, responsible for the company’s global channel go-to-market and transformation strategy. From Fahrbach’s perspective, vendors need true senior global leadership to drive meaningful change throughout their organizations. Without senior leadership, change will come slowly – if at all, he says. Fahrbach joins POD2112 to provide a first-hand overview of his new role and mission, and to discuss the necessity of having someone in his position.

Karl Fahrbach

Chief Partner Officer, SAP


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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