Podcast: Transforming for the Hybrid World

POD2112: VMware’s Jenni Flinders on Transforming for the Hybrid World

Businesses are increasingly less interested in the features and functions of their IT equipment and software and more concerned about the experiences and outcomes they derive from their technology investments. Hybrid cloud computing is one of the biggest segments seeing this shift in customer expectations. VMware has been enjoying big gains in hybrid cloud computing as it continues to shift its focus away from being the virtualization company that delivers hypervisors to a facilitator of cloud operations and management. A significant part of that shift is in the way VMware is transforming its channel program, partner relationships, go-to-market enablement, and incentives. Jenni Flinders, vice president and global channel chief at VMware, is driving an ongoing channel transformation effort to enable partners to perform better in the outcome-based hybrid cloud computing market. Flinders joins POD2112 to share how VMware is approaching channel transformation and how she sees the channel’s future unfolding.

Jenni Flinders

Vice President and Global Channel Chief, VMware


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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