Podcast: Reviving a Brand and Channel

POD2112: BlackBerry’s Richard McLeod on Reviving a Brand and Channel

Once upon a time, when cell phones offered little more than voice services, the go-to mobile device for business executives was the trusted BlackBerry. With their monochrome displays, roller-ball controllers, and physical keypads, these communication devices untethered busy executives from their personal computers by giving them mobile e-mails, text messages, and voice services.

While the days of the BlackBerry – the device – are over, swept away by the flood of iPhones and Android devices, BlackBerry – the company – is enjoying a renaissance. Over the past five years, BlackBerry reinvented itself as an Internet of Things (IoT) and security vendor by leveraging the best of its legacy technology and expertise.

BlackBerry has a sizable and growing network of channel partners, and it’s looking to expand that base further with resellers, integrators, and service providers that can help meet the growing demand for security, mobility, and IoT solutions. Richard McLeod, global vice president of enterprise software channels at BlackBerry, joins POD2112 to talk about the company’s transformation and evolution, and where it wants to go with partners.

Richard McLeod

Global Vice President of Enterprise Software Channels, BlackBerry


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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