Podcast: Making Partners Profit-Independent

POD2112: NetApp’s Chris Lamborn on Making Partners Profit-Independent

The indirect-sales model was never intended to provide or ensure partner profitability. The profit of partner activities was and remains a product of what partners provide to customers in value-added goods and services. Some technology vendors are making that principle the cornerstone of their channel profit model. The more breathing room and enablement tools partners have to deliver managed and professional services independently of their vendors, the more likely they’ll be to generate higher profits without consideration of the vendor’s products and margins. NetApp, which is rolling out a new go-to-market channel strategy, is among the vendors that are looking to make partners more profitable by giving them the models, resources, and support that will make them profit-independent. Chris Lamborn, head of worldwide partner go-to-market and programs at NetApp, joins POD2112 to explain the strategy and potential benefits of partner profitability independence.

Chris Lamborn

Head of Worldwide Partner Go-to-Market and Programs, NetApp


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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