Podcast: Reorganizing Large Organizations

POD2112: HP’s Stephanie Dismore on Reorganizing Large Organizations

With a storied history of innovating and propelling change in its partners’ and customers’ organizations, HP is now undergoing a sweeping change of its own in its leadership, organization, go-to-market strategy, and culture with the appointment of a new CEO, the creation of its first chief commercial officer, and the restructuring of its global framework. HP is aiming to meet future partner and market needs with a focus on technology innovation, service models, and efficiency. Reshaping large, global organizations isn’t easy or quick. The process takes inspiration, vision, planning, and time to execute. The changes announced at HP are two years or more in the making. They required getting thousands of people around the world onboard with the vision and executing in the same direction. Stephanie Dismore, managing director of HP’s newly created North America market, joins POD2112 to talk about the changes and what it takes to reshape a giant global organization.

Stephanie Dismore

Managing Director, North America Market, HP


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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