Podcast: Catching a Growth Trend

POD2112: Barracuda MSP’s Neal Bradbury on Catching a Growth Trend 

Generating growth is a challenge for all technology companies. Few can create lightning in a bottle on their own. In many cases, vendors can catch a ride on the growth train by attaching themselves to another growing technology that they complement. In the case of Barracuda MSP, a division of Barracuda Networks that provides managed services for security and backup, that opportunity came with Microsoft’s push to increase the number of Office 365 business users. By many accounts, as many as 90% of Microsoft Office users are still on perpetual legacy licenses. Translation: The migration opportunity is huge for Microsoft, and every account that gets switched to the cloud-attached service will need several complementary services, such as security and backup. Neal Bradbury, vice president of MSP Strategic Partnerships at Barracuda MSP, is heading up the effort to ensure that Barracuda MSPs don’t miss the opportunity created by the Microsoft push. I recently spoke with Neal about how he approaches creating a strategy to draft on an existing trend. In this episode of POD2112, Neal shares guiding principles that all vendors can apply in their go-to-market strategies.  

Neal Bradbury

Vice President of MSP Strategic Partnerships, Barracuda MSP


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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