Dell Technologies’ Cheryl Cook on the Evolving Art of Channel Marketing

Cheryl Cook, senior vice president of global channel marketing at Dell Technologies, joins Larry Walsh to talk about the state of channel marketing, how marketing to and through the channel is evolving, and how to craft market-leading channel marketing programs.

Successful channels require a combination of good products with demonstrable value propositions, training and enablement to transfer skills required to sell and support the offerings, and marketing resources and support to drive the demand that leads to revenue and profitability.

Every vendor has channel marketing resources and functions that support partners’ go-to-market activities and keep partners engaged and informed about a vendor’s value propositions, programs and activities, and opportunities in the market. The effectiveness of channel marketing varies by vendor. Some vendors do a relatively good job of channel marketing, while others are merely scratching the surface. And all vendors are challenged to keep up with the latest techniques and tools for communicating their messages to and through partners.

Productive and effective channel marketing requires a combination of well-defined objectives, clear messages, systems and tools for conveying messages, and resources and support for guiding partners’ marketing efforts. The challenge is persistent as channel marketing must continuously evolve with changing market conditions.

In conversations with partners worldwide, one company keeps coming up as a good example of a vendor doing channel marketing right: Dell Technologies. For this episode of Changing Channels, we went right to the source to find out what makes Dell’s approach different from others. Cheryl Cook, senior vice president of global channel marketing at Dell, joins Changing Channels to talk about the current and evolving state of channel marketing and how to put together an effective channel marketing program.



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