Podcast: Everything Wrong With the VAR Model

Former VAR turned service provider Andrew Plato of security specialist Anitian joins Pod2112 to discuss everything that’s wrong with the conventional vendor-partner reseller model and why reselling product is increasingly less advantageous. Every vendor needs to hear this....

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Podcast: Empowering Women in Tech

Michelle Ragusa-McBain, a customer, partner experience manager at Cisco, and chairperson of the CompTIA Advancing Women in Technology community, joins Pod2112 to discuss the need to support women’s technology careers and the resources available to women who have, or aspire to have, careers in technology....

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Channel IQ Lessons from 2112

Quick – what’s an SLA? RMM? Can you name three vendor strategies for mitigating channel conflict? So much to learn. So little time. With 2112, the classroom’s just a mouse click away....

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