Generally speaking, this term describes products or services that are sufficiently complex for the customer to require support from a third party (namely, a channel partner) for installation and integration, but not so complex that the technology is beyond the partner’s skills or economic means. At 2112, we say that channel-ready products fall into the “Channel Goldilocks Zone” – i.e., they require intermediaries to ensure that the customer gets maximum value from them.

More specifically, “channel-ready” describes a product or service that’s been packaged to allow a partner to add value on behalf of the vendor, or for the customer as part of the supply-chain process. That packaging would include (1) a pricing strategy with defined margin potential for the partner; (2) collateral that allows the partner and vendor to highlight their value; (3) training resources that allow the partner to understand how and where to position the product; and (4) a pre-/post-sale structure that enables the partner to play a relevant role in positioning the product up-front or supporting it once implemented.