Acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The past decade’s decreased enrollment in college STEM programs has been one factor contributing to a talent shortage in the technology arena, especially when it comes to security. STEM matriculation is starting to pick up again, at least in the Western countries, but it’ll be years before the next bumper crop of talent hits the job market.

Right now, competition among vendors, partners, and non-technology companies for a common pool of candidates is intense. At 2112, we think it might be high time to start coming up with some creative ways to train and recruit. A couple of possibilities: Focus less on pricey, four-year college degrees and more on inexpensive, short-term training. Or consider creating a “farm team” system, with job candidates required to do a stint with a partner before joining a “big league” vendor such as Google, IBM, or Amazon.

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