CiQ Aspire: Help for Channel Pros Seeking New Career Opportunities

This new, free program from Channelnomics offers channel professionals seeking new career opportunities access to support and resources to prepare them for job interviews and new positions.

Over the past 18 months, the tech industry has undergone significant upheaval, shedding more than 300,000 jobs. Many professionals within the channel sector have found themselves unexpectedly unemployed, grappling with shifting market dynamics and the ensuing uncertainty. For these individuals, securing the next career opportunity transcends merely possessing the right skills and experience. It requires a robust understanding of current and evolving market and channel trends, along with the ability to adapt to these changes effectively.

Recognizing the profound impact of these layoffs and the challenging job market, Channelnomics has launched an initiative to support those affected, CiQ Aspire. This free program is designed to provide channel job seekers with access to a wealth of Channelnomics resources. The core objective of CiQ Aspire is to empower these professionals, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate their career transitions successfully.

Participants gain insights into the latest industry trends, enabling them to align their career aspirations with market demands. The program also provides guidance on interview preparation, helping job seekers present themselves effectively to potential employers.

In this edition of In the Margins, Channelnomics IQ director Maddie Frank offers an in-depth overview of the CiQ Aspire program and what it means to those seeking career opportunities. She emphasizes the importance of using this complimentary career-building resource, particularly in today’s competitive job market. Frank highlights how CiQ Aspire is uniquely positioned to support channel professionals in their quest for new roles, providing both strategic insights and practical assistance.

The Channelnomics commitment to aiding those affected by industry layoffs is evident through the creation of CiQ Aspire. By leveraging the extensive resources available through this program, channel job seekers can enhance their understanding of market trends, refine their interview skills, and identify the right career opportunities. Ultimately, CiQ Aspire aims to bridge the gap between job loss and career advancement, fostering a resilient and well-prepared channel workforce ready to tackle future challenges.

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