HP Partner Capabilities Assessment (Partner Version)



The HP Partner Capabilities Assessment is an instrument that collects information about key attributes relative to the HP relationship and go-to-market strategy. The intent of this assessment is to provide HP with deeper insights into its strategic partners’ composition, capabilities, and business models. The goal of this program is to give HP the information and direction required to have greater alignment with partners and create greater mutual benefits when it comes to go-to-market activities and investments.


This questionnaire is designed for partners to complete with the assistance of HP PBMs.

Overview:This questionnaire has 6 sections

1. Overview

2. Products and Services

3. Credit and Financing

4. Digital Go-to-Market Capabilities

5. Data Capture & Analytics

6. About Your Business


Most of the questions have aided responses. The list of aided responses is sometimes long and not always complete. You will have the opportunity to enter manual responses for each question, where appropriate.

The questionnaire phrases questions as if it’s being facilitated by a partner business manager (PBM) or as if partners are reading the questions themselves. When a question refers to “you” or “your,” it means the partner’s company.

The information entered through this online form is collected and aggregated by 2112 for further analysis. All information collected by 2112 is confidential and will be turned over to HP at the end of the project. 2112 is compliant with GDPR and U.S. data protection regulations.

The questionnaire does not compell responses for each question. Nevertheless, please try to complete as much of the questionnaire as possible.

The partner company does have the right to decline participation. If they do not wish to participate or answer all the questions, please discontinue the process here.

SUPPORT: If you have any questions, please contact The 2112 Group at [email protected]. An analyst will return your email and resolve any issues you may have.



1. Name of the partner company
2. In which of the following ranges is the partner's annual gross revenue? (All values are in constant U.S. dollars) Please select just one
3. Which of the following customer types make up more than 40% of of the partner’s primary accounts/sales? (Select all that apply.)
4. Additional comments or notes regarding partner's customer types
5. Name of the PBM completing this questionnaire
6. PBM Email Address (only use HP email addresses)