HP Partner Capabilities Assessment PBM Pre-Survey

HP PBM: Please complete as much of this pre-survey as you can on behalf of your partners.


The HP Partner Capabilities Assessment is an instrument that collects information about key attributes relative to the HP relationship and go-to-market strategy. The intent of this assessment is to provide HP with deeper insights into its strategic partners’ composition, capabilities, and business models. The goal of this program is to give HP the information and direction required to have greater alignment with partners and create greater mutual benefits when it comes to go-to-market activities and investments.


This form is for HP partner business managers (PBM) only. Please fill out as much of the information possible for your partners.


IMPORTANT: Once you start filling out the form, you can’t stop. You cannot save and return to edit the information. Fill out as much of the information as possible.

SUPPORT: If you have any questions, please contact The 2112 Group at [email protected]. An analyst will return your email and resolve any issues you may have.




Name of the partner company
Partner headquarters city
Partner headquarters state/province (leave blank if none)
Partner headquarters country
Number of years in HP Partner First program
Status in the Partner HP Partner First Program
Countries/regions in which the partner sells HP product (select all that apply)
Please enter any comments or additional information regarding the countries/regions in which the partner sells HP products. This space is for any additional information to explain special circumstances or considerations relative to selling regions.
In which of the following ranges is the partner's annual gross revenue? (All values are in constant U.S. dollars) Please select just one
Which of the following customer types make up more than 40% of of the partner’s primary accounts/sales? (Select all that apply.)
Additional comments or notes regarding partner's customer types
In which verticals/industries does the partner have business units specifically designated to support with specialty/specialized products and services? (select all that apply)
Additional comments/notes regarding the verticals/industries supported by the partner.
Name of the PBM completing this questionnaire
PBM Email Address (only use HP email addresses)
PBM Phone Number
PBM Location (in what city/country do you work)