Intelligence that Drives Fact-Based Decision Making

Guidance supported by facts.

Intelligence services provide in-depth quantitative and qualitative research data, analysis, and insights to help clients understand market trends, partner dynamics, customer expectations, economic and pricing models, and brand and product perceptions. Our portfolio includes bespoke research, assessments and studies, and an extensive library of expert content.


  • Competitive Analysis:  Benefit from a 360-degree view of the playing field with research-backed market data and observations.



  • Market & Technology Forecasting:   Reduce risk and plan ahead with a glimpse into future innovations and their potential impact.



  • Channel Profitability Assessment:  Calculating channel return on investment isn’t simple. Get clear direction on the appropriate KPIs for measuring partner performance and ROI.


  • Partner Benchmarking:  Uncover partner performance indicators, analyze trends in your partner ecosystem, and get guidance on program implementation.


  • Partner Profiling & Segmentation:   Connect better with partners by knowing their firmographics and understanding their capabilities, competencies, and capacities.

Custom Research

Custom-designed research helps you gain insights into market trends, perceptions, and the competitive landscape.

Expert Content

Thought leadership content and research-based reports packed with insights, stats, and facts provide you with the information, advice, and guidance you need to plan, strategize, and build a better business.