2112 Snapshot

Technology Snapshot: Artificial Intelligence (AI)


By 2030, AI could add...

$15.7 trillion

to the global GDP - PwC

The global AI market is expected to grow at a CAGR of:0

FROM 2017 to 2025

Grand View Research


Got Pizza?


Both well-known technology vendors and innovative start-ups are making a mark in the AI arena.

The Usual Suspects

  • Amazon—From Echo devices to drone deliveries, its AI pervades consumers’ daily lives
  • Apple—Made the iPhone even smarter with a neural engine for speech and image processing
  • Facebook—Now uses AI to handle all of its translation services
  • Google—Rebranded as “AI-first” company; think Google Photos, Google Brain, etc.
  • IBM—Is breaking ground in health care with its Watson platform

A Few Good Start-Ups

  • ByteDance (aka Headlines Today)—Analyzes social media accounts and reading habits to make personalized news recommendations
  • Flatiron Health—Uses human-assisted machine learning to mine health data and facilitate treatment of cancer patients
  • Foghorn Solutions—Delivers intelligence at the edge, or “fog computing,” for industrial IoT systems

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