Strategic Content

2112 is not in the opinion business. The strategic advice we offer our clients stems from a qualitative, research-centric foundation.

We are experts in the development of strategic communications. Our roots in publishing, media and public relations provide a strong foundation for the production of content ranging from white papers and case studies to custom blogs and event materials. Regardless of the product selected, our analysts always keep our client’s value proposition, objectives, and messaging as key elements of the final deliverable.

Our Strategic Content is available through a variety of products, including:

Custom Reports


White Papers

Tech Guides

Webinar Content

2112 Strategic Content





Our custom content offerings deliver expertly written technology, product and branding papers done on behalf of our clients from their company perspective, or branded as 2112 analysis to provide third-party validation. These content pieces offer immeasurable value by bridging the communication gap that often exists between technology vendors and their partners and customers.

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Other 2112 Intelligence offerings for fact based decision making



Leverage analytics instead of assumptions to choose the best steps for your company that result in the most promising path to success.

Expert Voices

Expert Voices

Engage industry experts to deliver keynotes and presentations that combine research findings and actual experience.

Training and Workshops

Training & Workshops

Advance business capabilities through a course on effective operational planning, growth strategies, or CAM training.