Objective and Subjective Intelligence Through Our Research Methods

Fact-based versus emotionally-driven decision making is a powerful tool in business.

The ability to take information that is grounded in research rather than making assumptions allows a company to select the steps that will result in the best path forward to achieve success.

2112 is the expert in the execution of focused, applied objective and subjective research. Our goal: to answer our clients’ specific questions on market trends and dynamics — and uncover the trends they’ve yet to think about. In many cases, we identify what is best for their business.


We believe that before any technology company launches a product, enters a new market or develops a channel, it needs intelligence. Such intelligence comes from applied research. 2112 provides our clients objective and subjective intelligence through our conventional and alternative research methods.


While the approach we take to gather the data in this process may vary depending on the specific engagement, it is always a collaborative one with our client to ensure the outcome meets the intended needs. We conduct surveys, focus groups, customer and partner interviews and comparative analysis to give technology companies the intelligence they require to make sound business decisions and realize demonstrable value.


Many of our clients require custom research to address a focus area of particular significance for their market, product or customer base. 2112 has conducted numerous programs on behalf of its clients and offers the option of having these reports written from the company perspective or branded as 2112 analyses to offer further value from the findings through third party validation.

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Other 2112 Intelligence offerings for fact based decision making

Training and Workshops

Training & Workshops

Advance business capabilities through a course on effective operational planning, growth strategies, or CAM training.

Expert Voices

Expert Voices

Engage industry experts to deliver keynotes and presentations that combine research findings and actual experience.

Strategic Content

Strategic Content

Convey product messaging and value propositions clearly through a variety of strategic content offerings.