Jamf Channel Team Questionnaire

Jamf Channel Questionnaire.

Please complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability


We're looking for your candid feedback and insights regarding the Jamf channel program. We ask that you provide as much information as you can.

The questions are all open ended, and there are no wrong answers. All responses are confidential.

Questions about this form may be directed to Larry Walsh at [email protected].

What value do channel partners provide to Jamf? Value can include technical services, technical expertise, sales capabilities and capacities, customer relationships, vertical specializations, and more.
What value do channel partners provide to Jamf’s customers or users of Jamf’s products?
What can channel partners do that Jamf cannot? What is beyond Jamf’s capabilities for which channel partners can compensate or add value?
What can channel partners do that Jamf doesn't want to do? What are the tasks, if any, that Jamf can assign to channel partners in the go-to-market model?
Do customers have a preference in who they buy from?
What do Jamf partners do well in generating value to customers?
What can Jamf partners do better in their go-to-market operations?
What is the biggest challenge in working with channel partners?
What could Jamf gain by increasing sales through channel partners?
What do channel partners need from Jamf to improve/expand their sales of Jamf products?
What could Jamf lose if it increases sales through channel partners?