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Your 2112 Investor: Lenovo Server Edition Results


2112-investor-infographic-horizontalBased on the information you provided, 2112 has prepared your Lenovo Server ROI profile. The data provides you directional guidance on the level of effort required by your business to produce a positive return on your investment and cover ongoing operational costs. Clicking on the “Gross Sales” and “Units” buttons will change the results to reflect the values for sales targets and units sold.


With this information, your company can develop sales plans for servers, packaging add-on services and support for enhancing revenue and value, and determine levels of effort and productivity to achieve revenue and profit targets. In short, the 2112 Investor: Lenovo Server Edition report is the beginning of a strategic planning and operational execution protocol that results in higher and better returns.


Don’t worry if the data in this report doesn’t look accurate or doesn’t reflect your company profile correctly. The report is adjustable using the levers and tabs below. You can adjust the input values from the first screen to fine-tune your information and get a more granular result.


2112 is here to help. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email [email protected].

Monthly (Unit) Sales Required to Breakeven
Initial Investment Costs

Prior year partner investment to be recovered; includes costs for salaries, certification, marketing, training, etc.

{{ fullData.initialInvestmentCosts | currency }}
Monthly Operating Expenses

Current year operating expense, includes salaries, vendor fees, equipment, marketing, sales training, training & education, and certifications

{{ fullData.monthlyOperatingExpenses | currency }}
Breakeven Performance Analysis
Breakeven Month: {{ showReportMonth }}

Month in which the initial investment is fully recovered.

Monthly Performance
Monthly Investment Recovery
{{ fullData.investmentRate | currency }}
Total Monthly Expenses
{{ fullData.totalMonthlyExpenses | currency }}
Monthly Unit Sales
{{ fullData.monthlyUnits }}
Monthly Revenue
{{ fullData.monthlySales | currency }}
Total Units to Breakeven
{{ fullData.monthlyUnits }}
Total Revenue to Breakeven
{{ fullData.monthlySales | currency }}
Monthly Unit Sales per Rep
{{ fullData.monthlyUnitsPerRep }}
Monthly Revenue per Rep
{{ fullData.monthlySalesPerRep | currency }}
Annual Performance on Breakeven Pace
Annual Unit Sales
{{ fullData.annualUnitSales }}
Annual Revenue
{{ fullData.annualRevenue | currency }}
Annual Profit
{{ fullData.annualProfit | currency }}
Implied Annual Quota per Rep
{{ fullData.impliedQuotaPerRep | currency }}

The graph shows the performance necessary to recover the annual cost of the Lenovo partnership by month, displayed in either units or revenue, depending on which measure is selected. By way of example, the month 1 number represents the performance necessary to recover the costs in one month, month 2 recovers the costs in two months, and so on. Any revenue generated in excess of the monthly operating costs in the months after breakeven represent profit.

Several parameters are provided to allow you to model scenarios:

  • Expected Gross Revenue as a Percentage: the percentage of your total tip-line revenue you expect to generate through selling Lenovo Servers
  • Number of Sales Reps Assigned: Number of full-time sales reps selling Lenovo Servers
  • Marketing Budget Allocation: Percentage of your total marketing budget allocated to Lenovo Servers
  • Number of Engineers Assigned: Number of full-time Engineers dedicated to Lenovo Servers
  • Number of Technicians Assigned: Number of full-time support technicians supporting to Lenovo Servers
  • Training hours per employee in the prior year
  • Your markup percentage: the amount over list price you can charge your customers

2112 Investor models costs as follows:

  • Salaries and benefits are based on the most recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics, adjusted for your local market.
  • Recommendations for training for your staff
  • Lenovo equipment configurations as follows:
    Configuration Lenovo Model
    1P Rack RS140
    Entry 1U 2P Rack RD350
    Entry 2U 2P Rack RD450
    Mainstream 1U 2P Rack x3550 M5
    Mainstream 2U 2P Rack x3650 M5
    1P Tower TS140
    2P Tower TS350
    Blade + Chassis Flex 250 M5 Node + Flex Chassis

Welcome to 2112 Investor: Lenovo Server Edition


2112-investor-infographic-horizontalWe’ve designed this tool to provide you, the Lenovo partner, with a greater understanding of your total cost of partnership with Lenovo and return on effort for reselling Lenovo server products.


By answering a few questions, 2112 Investor will tell you how many units you have to sell and how much revenue you have to generate to recoup your total cost of partnership with Lenovo. Additionally, 2112 Investor will show you how different levels of effort and investment will translate in profitability and status in the Lenovo channel program.


2112 Investor is intended to illustrate partnership and sales scenarios. Information provided by you need not be accurate, just approximate. However, the more accurate the information, the more accurate the results.


{{ total(answers[input.key]) }}%
{{ answers[input.key+'_data'].description }}

This product and its associated attachments contains information that is confidential based on a proprietary methodology of The 2112 Group. If you are not the intended recipient of this report, please notify The 2112 Group immediately by email or telephone, delete the original report, emails and attachment files from your computer system and destroy any hard copies of this report. Be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of this file or its accompanying attachments (if any) with any parties is prohibited. The content of this report is for information purposes based in input from the intended recipient only and is not intended to provide tax, legal or investment advice. You should not fully rely on any material contained in this report and should seek independent advice wherever necessary. Any decisions you make based upon any information contained in this report are your sole responsibility.


The 2112 Group does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information provided in this report. The 2112 Group may make changes to its methodology at any time, without prior notice to you. Contact The 2112 Group directly at the email address below for updated information before relying on any information previously provided. In no event shall The 2112 Group or any party involved in creating, producing, or delivering this report be liable to you in any manner whatsoever for any decision made or act or omission by you in reliance upon information provided in this report. If you have questions regarding our Terms of Use, please contact us at 347-770-2112 or via email