Multiple Brains Are Better Than One 

The Channelnomics Brainstorm program ensures that channel professionals are never alone in solving problems and exploring new ideas 


As a route to market and sales model, the channel is well-defined. It doesn’t take much for a newbie to learn channel language, functions, and value propositions. Making channels work is a much different story. Even industry veterans are challenged in navigating complex finance, relationship management, business model, and technology issues that complicate the channel. 

Going it alone is cumbersome and fraught with pitfalls. Gathering information, conducting analyses, plotting programs, and making strategic decisions are daunting in the dynamic technology marketplace and channel. Smart channel professionals often seek the experience and counsel of peers and experts.  

Channelnomics takes much of the guesswork out of tapping into community wisdom through our Brainstorm program.  

Brainstorm was designed for Channelnomics clients that want to access our extensive library of market-leading research and benchmark data and our network of industry professionals. Members have access to all Channelnomics published research, including our annual Channel Chief Outlook and Channel Forecast reports, our guides on best practices, primers on channel methodologies, tools and templates, and trend analyses. In addition, members have on-demand access to Channelnomics analysts and consultants for support in solving strategic and operational issues.  

Every month, Channelnomics hosts a Brainstorm Community Call for members to gather virtually and have conversations about leading issues and challenges facing all channel professionals. Our team of experts guides the discussions and makes professional connections.  

Brainstorm is more than an information and intelligence program; it’s a means of exchanging experiences and insights. As the facilitator, Channelnomics learns from Brainstorm activities and creates new content, paying it forward to all participants.  

Channelnomics Brainstorm is an easy, efficient, and effective way for vendors and channel professionals to get the intelligence, insights, and support they need — on-demand — without getting entangled in complicated consulting contracts and project work. Through Brainstorm, you have the value of multiple brains that ensure you never have to go it alone. 

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