20 Top Enterprise Telephony Providers You Should Know

Successful and cutting edge aren’t necessarily synonymous, said Alex Hart, 2112 Group’s senior vice president of strategic services.

The 2112 Group's Alex Hart

… “Having a set of products/solutions that are at the bleeding edge of technology, but are complex to implement, lack scalability or cannot be easily supported post-implementation, completely negates whatever technological benefit the solution or provider touts,” he said. “Success comes from being able to solve for the customers need with offerings that are efficient, secure, scalable, feature-rich, cost-effective and also integrate with other third-party collaboration solutions that the customer may already have in place.”

Based on feedback from analysts, industry experts, editorial advisory board members and recent news reports, we’ve compiled a list, in no particular order, of 20 enterprise telephony providers that are making the most of the current competitive landscape and charting success...

Written by Edward Gately

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