2112 Group’s Larry Walsh: Cloud Changes the Value Proposition

CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — Channel partners’ value propositions are undergoing a dramatic shift, and they have the cloud to thank for that.

“Larry Walsh, CEO and chief analyst of the 2112 Group, used his Wednesday afternoon keynote speech at Channel Partners Evolution to describe the future profile of the most successful channel partners and cloud solution providers.

Walsh said these leaders operate in a world of complexity. Whereas the 19th century centered around industrialization, and the 20th focused on information, the 21st contains the intersection of the two in the midst of more and more complicated technologies.

“Our job is not to deliver complexity. Our job is to mask complexity with simplicity,” Walsh told the audience. “Our job is to provide that shade, that mirror of experience that makes the customer feel good about with the services and technology we’re providing.”

Walsh argued that channel partners need to rethink their value propositions. The growing popularity of subscription-based cloud services means that the most successful partners are moving from product sales and deployment to technology business services. And Walsh said it’s more than just delivering a service. Partners need to take the complexity their customers face and simplify it.” …

Written by James Anderson

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