3 Sides of a Profitable Partner Experience

Cloud is a major driver for triangulation. In fact, in its Advancing Cloud Sales and Operations report, The 2112 Group confirms that solution providers are adopting cloud computing differently from past technology innovations. They are collaborating with service providers, or even with peers that have cloud capabilities, ahead of developing their own. They are embracing a “sell with” model, working hand-in-hand with vendors to convey the value proposition and close the sale. The 2112 report also states that many cloud providers see the “sell with” model as a way to teach solutions providers the tricks of the trade for selling cloud services, build expertise for independent sales and generate revenue to underwrite the partner transformation process.

In the long run, partner profitably will be realized to its fullest extent only when channel providers go beyond just reselling existing cloud services and branch out to develop their own cloud capability intellectual property based on the foundation laid by their hardware and service provider vendors.

As cloud services continue to blur the lines between telecommunications and IT, agents, VARs, MSPs, service providers and other vendors are seeking new ways to partner and engage to capture customer spend in the most profitable way possible. This is a good thing. Think about the three sides of a profitable partner experience – the right technology, the right service and the right channel – and then think about the strength of a triangle in geometry. Triangles are strong, they’re sturdy, and they will not change shape since each of the three sides supports the others. If you build your own triangle in the IT ecosystem, you’ll create a resilient partnership that will last for years to come.

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