Business Should Determine the Technology Direction

“In 2013, the 2112 Group in association with CA Technologies authored the paper, The Services Era: The Transformation of the IT Channel. That paper predicted some of the disruption we’re seeing today as well as the difficulty for legacy solution providers to thrive in the new world of service. In 2016, Gartner reported IT spending for services and software outgrew any other IT discipline with many declining as cloud market share grows. As the market shifts away from capital expenses towards ‘everything’ as a service (XaaS), many VARs and telcos have shifted to also become service providers or cloud resellers…

Out of Madison WI, Envision IT fits this new paradigm focusing on optimization, they have chosen not to have a line card. They believe in the Age of Transcendence which means that the user experience matters more than the “stuff.” To that end, they don’t focus on product, rack space, or cloud resale. They bring an agnostic view to clients and focus on the clients’ business objectives. An interesting element of their strategy is to step out of the product transaction sequence, and they encourage clients to buy on premise technology or cloud solutions from the client’s favorite reseller, but taking overall responsibility for the success of the delivered solution.

Envision suggests that the business should determine the technology direction and not the other way around. And as the 2112 Group espoused back in 2013: ‘The companies that evolve services to operationalize more IT assets toward better business outcomes and take administrative burdens off their customers’ shoulders will find value and sustained viability over those that remain stuck in legacy or even hybrid models.’”


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