Channel Chiefs Share Why Customer Experience Is Now a Key Success Metric

As customers find a widening pool of modern technology solution options with new implementation, usage and cost models, vendors are changing how they leverage their channels and the way they measure their success their partners bring, both individually and collectively. Channel execs Kimberly King, Frank Rauch and Amy Belcher, sat on a panel moderated by Steven W Kellam and Larry Walsh to discuss these trends in the market.

The panel discussion, presented to invited attendees including Channel Partners, followed a private roundtable of about 10 channel chiefs, moderated by both Steven Kellam, senior vice president of global alliances at 360insights and Larry Walsh, CEO and chief analyst of The 2112 Group. Extending scale and reach may be an obvious strategy, but the vendors last week explained how they have made significant changes in the expectations of their partner communities, amid the transition to cloud technology and customers transforming their businesses.

“Increasingly, the point of sale isn’t the relevant issue, it is the customer experience,” Walsh said. “So how is that changing the way that you’re all thinking about your strategies, your value propositions and the things you need from your partners?”

Belcher responded: “I think that customer satisfaction survey feedback is critical.”


Written by Jeff Schwartz

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