Channelnomics State of the Market Report: Innovation 2018


Exclusive research and commentary on innovation and the state of the market, providing you with the insight you need to grow your practice and improve your bottom line

With every company being described as a technology company in today’s world, it’s easy for innovation to either be claimed but never delivered upon or, converesly, ignored altogether. After all, it takes time, commitment, expertise, dedication and determination to truly innovate, and in reality, many companies simply don’t have the resources to dedicate such efforts to innovation.

…We set ourselves the task of carrying out exclusive research and analysis to bring you all the latest thoughts and insight from your channel peers on the topic of innovation in our State of the Market Report: Innovation 2018. Along with the research, our guest editor, Larry Walsh, founder of Channelnomics and CEO of The 2112 Groups, talks us through the state of the market and the key innovations you should be looking out for in 2019 and beyond.

The report also offers insight into our winners’ channel strategies, as well as featuring an introduction from Workplace by Facebook detailing their newly launched channel program.

In short, it’s not to be missed! Click here to download your copy right away!

by Jessica Meek, Channelnomics