COVID-19 Impact on the Tech Industry with Larry Walsh

We’ve never lived in a space quite like where we are now with the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people have become infected, millions of people have been laid off, countries are shutting down and businesses across the United States are trying to navigate how to prepare their business for the unknown.

Join Marketopia’s CMO, Andra Hedden, and The 2112 Group’s CEO, Larry Walsh, as they dive into the results of The 2112 Group’s survey of the COVID-19 impact on the tech industry.

While times may seem bleak and like the economy is headed for a crash, there is still reason to have hope. A rebound could happen anywhere between eight to 12 percent in the second quarter, which would make up for a lot of the losses businesses are feeling from the last few weeks. That’s right, we can still end 2020 in fairly good shape!

In fact, when asked questions about investments and spending, most vendors surveyed said they are either maintaining or INCREASING their budgets for sales, marketing and incentives. Plus, they’re increasing or maintaining MDF for their partners, because they want to stay positioned for recovery.

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