Digital Transformation Is for Real

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Overhyped and hard to define, digital transformation is a powerful phenomenon with big financial implications for channel pros nonetheless.

RAISE YOUR HAND if you know what digital transformation is.

Hands still by your side? Don’t feel bad. Even industry experts admit to having trouble defining the phenomenon precisely. Indeed, for Larry Walsh, president and CEO of Port Washington, N.Y.-based advisory firm The 2112 Group, digital transformation calls to mind the Supreme Court’s famous description of obscenity.

“I know it when I see it,” he says.

…Add in increasingly sophisticated applications, often equipped with artificial intelligence, and you have a recipe for services and solutions that perform labor-intensive tasks almost instantaneously and without human assistance. “The software and the ability to automate workflows and processes is really what makes digital transformation happen,” Walsh says.

…If digital transformation endangers SMBs, however, it also empowers them to achieve competitive breakthroughs. “Virtually any business can be improved through digital transformation,” Walsh says.

…Your salespeople will have to hone their business communication skills too. “With digital transformation, they’re not selling a product anymore. They’re selling the result,” Walsh says. “That means they have to spend more time actually understanding the customers and knowing what the delivery is supposed to do, not just what they’re supposed to sell.”

By Rich Freeman

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