Hacking the Power Grid

“Lawrence M Walsh, CEO and chief analyst at New York-based business strategy firm the 2112 Group, said that before people panic over the discovery of Grizzly Steppe malware in the Vermont power grid, a few things must be taken into account:

  • The malware in question is quite common.
  • The US has known about power grid vulnerabilities for more than a decade.
  • The US has its fingers on the lights switches in Russia, China, Iran and Mozambique. In other words, nations hacking nations is an old story in which the US is a chief protagonist.

“Don’t get all worked up over this and the many sensational news reports to come as they make more such discoveries,” Walsh says. “The puppet masters are just showing you what’s behind the curtain; this is the current world order of which we’re largely and blissfully ignorant.””

> Read the full article, Claims that Russia hacked the US election and power grid are ‘overblown’, at nakedsecurity.sophos.com.