Influencer Relationships: IP-enabled Connections

talkin-cloud-logo“A recent paper by Larry Walsh and the 2112 Group, “Understand & Leveraging Specialized Channels,” addresses the increased relevance of influencers: “As more products become IP-enabled and more businesses seek to offload operations to service providers, specialized channel providers will take on increasing value to technology partners and end customers.”

These specialized partners, the paper says, include resellers of medical devices, environmental systems and other technologies, as well as professional services providers in areas such as accounting, HR, payroll and healthcare. The report also points to partnership possibilities with manufacturers of automobiles, home appliances and industrial machinery, all of which are becoming IP-enabled and connected with the data and voice networks that traditional VARs and telecom agents have shepherded for decades.

All of them, therefore, can become “influencer” partners working in tandem with solution providers and agents to serve the increasingly technology-dependent needs of business customers.

The idea of influencer partners isn’t new. But these partnerships are becoming more relevant now because the technology that drives these relationships is at last becoming reality. Whether you’re in the connectivity or applications/infrastructure space, it’s time to start forging relationships with influencers in order to prepare your business for the future. Do you agree?”

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