Keeping Up with Channel Partnership Program Trends

Most sales organizations understand that channel partnership is a good thing. It broadens choices for customers while increasing revenue opportunities for the company at the same time. However, businesses need to keep up with current trends to make the most of these partnerships. Below are some trends expected to take hold in 2019 and beyond.

Although this is not a new trend, it’s one that’s here to stay and will only increase. The ability to analyze and capture data in real time enables companies to increase profit by maximizing business practices. A single platform that enables sales organizations to capture collaboration, video, and voice will continue to be the best option for growth.

Channel Sales Will Continue to Drive Up Revenue

According to the 2112 Group, channel sales contributed an average of 11 percent to a sales organization’s revenue in 2017. Two years later, that number has already jumped to 15 percent. Channel groups have grown an average of 16 percent over the past three years, a number more than three times greater than the IT annual growth rate of three to five percent. Nearly 90 percent of executives in vendor channels expect indirect sales to increase positively over the next year.

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