MSP Staffing Strategies Change During A Pandemic

The overall economic and employment impact of coronavirus is affecting service provider staffing — some more than others, if at all. See why and gain tips to help with hiring.

Larry Walsh, CEO of The 2112 Group, an IT research and strategy firm, noted that smaller MSPs are struggling. “Anecdotally, we’re hearing about some belt-tightening,” he said. “There are a lot of MSPs, particularly smaller ones, that aren’t cash-rich that went into this crisis feeling confident because they had secured contracts — only to learn people are slow paying, decreasing services and walking away from their obligations.”

Walsh said he believes there isn’t as much of an MSP staffing issue as there is a need to even out cash flow. “Right now, weaker customers are cancelling contracts,” he said. A recently released The 2112 Group survey found one-third of MSPs have only two months or less of cash on hand; 10%, less than a month’s worth; 9%, one month; and 14%, two months.

Walsh said maintaining culture and connectivity has not been an issue for most MSPs. What has become an MSP staffing problem is employees maintaining a comfortable work-life balance now that everyone’s working from home at all hours of day, he said.

by Esther Shein

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