MSPs Must Stay On the Hunt for New Prey

The 2112 Group discusses channel partner sales challenges at Channelnomics Conference: MSP

“During the Channelnomics Conference, Diana L. Mirakaj, president and COO of The 2112 Group, discussed the weight MSPs should place in looking at their businesses “holistically”.

“You need to think about your sales; you need to think about what operational excellence is applied to ensure your business looks at the long term, not only the short term; you need to think about how you manage risk and you need to consider your strategic planning and your marketing,” Mirakaj said. “It’s shocking – and our research sees this consecutively year after year – how many businesses don’t actually think about all these different processes.”

When it comes to sales, Mirakaj said research from The 2112 Group finds MSPs are struggling, which she suggested shows they need an “adrenaline push” in this area.

She added that The 2112 Group research finds 67 percent of solution providers are looking for and expecting growth to come from existing clients and offerings. While the COO acknowledged that this may be acceptable, she emphasized that it’s imperative channel partners don’t forget to continue looking for and targeting new business and “be the lion”.”

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