New Performance Monitoring Tool Alerts Developers in Real Time

New performance monitoring feature in Sentry’s error tracking and release integration platform helps developers find and fix performance issues.

The top 10 web app security risks are largely the same today as they were during the second Bush administration — injection flaws, busted authentication and access controls, and cross-site scripting, said Chris Gonsalves, senior vice president of research at The 2112 Group in Port Washington, N.Y.

“It’s the same old stuff,” Gonsalves said. “Organizations don’t necessarily need super-fancy AI-driven ‘wonder tools’ to unearth this stuff. They need basic blocking and tackling, which Sentry handles very well.”

“Add to this Sentry’s ability to ingest, aggregate and report Content-Security-Policy violations, Expect-CT and HTTP Public Key Pinning failures, and what you have is a valuable set of capabilities to improve basic app hygiene, something most development organizations could definitely use.”

by Darryl K. Taft,

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