Oracle to Buy SD-WAN Vendor Talari Networks

Oracle Corp. is asserting its ambitions to compete in software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) by buying Talari Networks.

…Oracle announced Thursday that it will buy Talari in order to take advantage of its “failsafe” SD-WAN technology. A short statement from the computing giant said that Talari provides quality of experience and high availability that will work well with Oracle’s session border controller and network-management infrastructure.

Alex Hart, senior vice president of strategic services for The 2112 Group, called the purchase a “smart move.”

“The technology Talari brings to the table will help bolster Oracle’s cloud efforts and add additional features to their network-management offerings,” Hart said. “At this stage though, it’s not clear whether the solutions will remain as standalone or be rolled into other Oracle products; regardless, Oracle partners will now have another feature set that can be touted when recommending Oracle solutions to their customers.” …

Written by James Anderson

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