Partners Expect Growth in 2017, But Lower Their Expectations

“Aligning their businesses to the reality of digital transformation is a challenge for partners that bears out new research report – 2017 Channel Forecast – released by the 2112 Group.

Whether lowering their growth potential expectations, dealing with longer sales cycles or seeking sales in legacy products to drive growth, partner firms clearly demonstrate stamina as they also show a willingness to make investments, expand sales of existing products and services, as well as explore new technology opportunities.

The 2112 Group reports that for most partners, 2016 growth met their midyear expectations and that the actual average growth was 16 percent, two percentage points lower than 2015. The three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was 17 percent. Looking ahead to 2017, seven out of 10 partners expect a growth rate of at least 6 percent, with the average anticipated growth rate for the year in the range of 11-15%.

Security is viewed as a growth opportunity by 64 percent of respondents, while 67 percent of partners anticipate expanding sales of existing products and services in 2017.

Additionally, 32 percent of partners expect to earn revenue from professional services, while another 18 percent noted that they expect to grow through acquisition.”

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