Podcast: Larry Walsh on Channelnomics of the New Normal

According to Larry Wash, CEO and Chief Analyst at Channelnomics, the only thing that’s certain moving forward is more change. The Covid pandemic may have accelerated Digital Transformation, but we’re still more at a point of digitalization and haven’t even started the transformation yet. And that’s the next evolution that’s going to be coming over the next few years, driving even more changes in the channel. Changes in value propositions and changes in the actors. For some of us it’s scary. For others. it’s exhilarating.


  • Our default thinking is the channel exists to make us money. And while that is true, we really need to think about is what do we want the channel to do? Because it’s actually the customer that makes us money, not the channel.
  • If we’re trying to solve for the customer and if we’re going to work with partners to solve for the customer, then we have to ask, what is the role the partner plays? What role does the partner play to find the customer, to service the customer, to support the customer, and to engage with the customer?
  • Eisenhower was credited for winning the second world war on logistics; having the right materials in the right place at the right time to accomplish the mission. Think of partners as logistics. You need to have the right partners in the right place at the right time to achieve your mission.
  • Ease of doing business is more about reducing the friction in the system. Your partner program and operations can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. It doesn’t matter as long as the partner has a simple experience with whatever you’re putting in front of them.
  • When you’re engaging with GSIs, what you need is basically an influencer program, plain and simple.

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