Presidio Goes Private: BC Partners Acquires IT Solutions Provider for $2.1 Billion

Private equity firm BC Partners has agreed to acquire IT solutions provider Presidio in $2.1 billion deal.

… “The private equity segment is looking for businesses that have strong growth opportunities through which they can foster accelerated returns on their investment,” says Larry Walsh, CEO and chief analyst, The 2112 Group. “Too much is often read into private equity investments, such as BC Partners’ acquisition of Presidio. From an industry perspective, the buyout reflects the strong valuation that a diverse and vibrant company like Presidio can command. And, a firm like BC Partners can bring investment that will further the growth of a company like Presidio.”

Even with that said, it would be a mistake to speculate that BC Partners will implement sweeping changes to the operating model that made Presidio successful. Further, it’s unlikely that Presidio will become part of some roll-up strategy with other technology companies in the BC Partners’ portfolio. “The acquisition is what it is: A solid investment opportunity in a company that shows promising potential for a return on investment,” adds Walsh.

This deal continues the major uptick we’ve seen in private equity spending across the IT channel. It will be interesting to track the trend of investment firms scooping up or rolling together MSPs and solutions providers to acquire different, more varied areas of expertise.” …

Written by Allison Francis

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