Rapid7 adds Snyk security to its portfolio

The Snyk security vulnerability database brings an extra layer of protection to Rapid7 by helping developers find and fix vulnerabilities early in the software development process.

Software security specialists Rapid7 and Snyk have joined forces to help application developers build security into their systems earlier in the software development lifecycle.

This process, known as “shifting left,” involves finding vulnerabilities earlier in the development process and fixing them on the spot rather than waiting for QA testing and monitoring. According to researchers, web applications and software vulnerabilities represent two of the top methods external attackers use to invade systems, which calls for an end-to-end approach to security.

“Rapid7 is a respected player in the vulnerability management and DevSecOps spaces,” said Chris Gonsalves, senior vice president of research at The 2112 Group in Port Washington, N.Y. “They clearly see value in ingesting Snyk’s vulnerability database into their cloud platform. They believe the enhancements and enrichment Snyk brings to the intelligence feed — via their own security research and their academic and infosec community collaborations — make the integration partnership worthwhile.”

“A key thing this integration does is it gets folks talking about a crucial topic, namely finding ways to get developers to care about security early enough in the SDLC [Software Development Life Cycle] to actually do something about it,” Gonsalves said.

Written by Darryl K. Taft

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