Resellers Don’t Buy From Vendors They Don’t Trust

A study by leader in channel strategy and partner enablement, The 2112 Group reveals that when choosing an endpoint security software vendor, trustworthiness may rank higher than expected as a concern.

The 2112 Group performed two, consecutive surveys and found that more than 25 percent of reseller respondents indicated that vendor trustworthiness was a top priority in choosing an endpoint security vendor — a trait that came in equal to partner support and just edged out perceived product resilience in preventing hacking and compromise. Lawrence M. Walsh, CEO and chief analyst of 2112, said, “Trustworthiness is a significant factor that influences partner decision-making, but the impact ebbs and flows with current events. We can see, though, that product quality and profitability are not enough to influence partner loyalty and marketability. Vendors with lower trust among partners also have lower loyalty and marketability ratings.”

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