Securing Enterprises in the Age of Cloud Computing

In a Webinar titled “Leading Customers Through Secure Digital Transformation,” industry experts at The 2112 Group, Ixia, and ProtectWise discussed cutting-edge cloud security technology being delivered by the vendors and the abundant opportunities afforded to their solution provider partners.

Whereas the cloud was a relative novelty 10 years ago, 90 percent of today’s enterprises use cloud computing to augment their infrastructure capabilities, said Larry Walsh, CEO and chief analyst at 2112. “They’re also using the cloud to deliver better computational capacity and improved distribution of resources,” he said.

While that migration to the cloud benefits enterprises in myriad ways, it also creates performance headaches and adds a new layer of complexity to network security. Compound that with all the other third-platform technologies that accompany the cloud during digital transformation – automation, IoT, mobile, and artificial intelligence, for example – and enterprises are faced with an extremely complex infrastructure and a fast-growing attack surface.

According to ProtectWise’s Kelly Brazil and Ixia’s Alexander Karstens, integration of the two vendors’ platforms gives enterprises next-generation visibility into networks and can stave off even the most sophisticated of security threats.

Very few enterprises are 100 percent cloud – most rely on complex hybrid infrastructures with both private/public cloud and on-premises resources, noted Brazil, ProtectWise’s vice president of systems engineering. The ProtectWise-Ixia bundle allows organizations to secure their assets and applications by providing single-pane-of-glass network visibility.

While Ixia delivers that visibility with CloudLens, the ProtectWise Grid “records” network traffic via software sensors, allows users to hunt for threats, and distills down the data it collects into actionable intelligence.

Meanwhile, the vendors’ solutions open multiple doors of opportunity for channel partners. There’s the potential for margin in selling (and upselling) the products. And then there’s the bevy of wrap-around services that partners can provide, including managed, professional, consulting, and integration.

“With these solutions, there’s both the here-and-now opportunity and the unfolding opportunity,” said Walsh. “Partners can continue to support customers into the future with the same assets and resources, and these will continue to evolve and expand over the next 5 to 10 years.”


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Breaches like the recent Equifax catastrophe keep many network operators anxious about the state of their own network security. In this final webinar of our three-part series, we will show you steps to take now to get a better handle on your network security.

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Confidence in your network security doesn’t need to wane with each reported breach. Join Steve to learn more.