The Cloud: Enabling an Interconnected World

“The cloud isn’t the destination; it’s the catalyst.” That was the message conveyed by The 2112 Group’s CEO and chief analyst, Larry Walsh, during yesterday’s Webinar on cloud computing. “It’ll allow businesses to do things they never imagined they could.”

Case in point: Uber, Lift, Airbnb, and Amazon – all leveraging the cloud, along with analytics, wireless technology, Big Data, and cognitive computing to take us beyond our wildest imaginings, delivering concrete business outcomes and an exceptional customer experience.

But there are numerous hurdles to clear, cautioned Walsh during “Cloud Computing as a Channel Evolutionary Catalyst.”

While vendors scramble to acquire and retain customers, maximize revenue productivity, and stave off the competition, end users look to trusted advisors to select and custom-tailor cloud services, operate cloud infrastructure and applications, and optimize their returns on investment. Meanwhile, channel partners, aiming to fulfill that trusted advisor role, wrestle with the shifting business models presented by cloud computing, facing high expenses and slim margins.

To succeed, partners need to do four things for customers: meet their basic needs, provide them with meaningful outcomes, exceed their expectations, and, in Walsh’s words, “keep them delighted.” To achieve those goals, solution providers will need guidance from vendors. They’ll also need to know and engage their customers thoroughly, acquire the necessary skills to support and enhance cloud technologies, and communicate their value propositions. If they do all that, their businesses can soar.

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Cloud as a Channel Evolutionary Catalyst

Cloud computing is opening new sales avenues for vendors, but not eliminating the need for partners. Channel partners may resell cloud services, but they may do much more business acting as a conduit of superior customer experience. Cloud computing is an evolutionary catalyst in changing the way channel partners interact with vendors and customers. In this presentation, 2112 chief analyst Larry Walsh will explain how cloud computing is creating the conditions for partners to help and retain delighted cloud customers.