The CP List: 20 Top UCaaS Providers You Should Know

… UCaaS providers need completeness of offerings across the portfolio, reliability, quality of service, predictable and consistent costs, and responsiveness in service and support, said Larry Walsh, CEO and chief analyst of The 2112 Group, and editorial advisory board member.

“It really doesn’t get much simpler than that,” he said. “Cutting-edge is a different issue. It’s interesting, but doesn’t necessarily define success. You have plenty of examples of companies with ‘cutting-edge’ technology that fails because they didn’t deliver on the above attributes. Cutting-edge in UCaaS to me means consistency in service, simple and easy-to-use technology, speed of delivery, and extensibility to different technologies (integration/interoperability).”

It’s getting tougher to compete as the market saturates with numerous successful companies, said Sean Riley, research director at IDC and editorial advisory board member.

“What makes it even harder for a new competitor to compete is the reliability aspect, as the major players boast enviable reliability stats,” he said. “Many of the larger providers also have interoperability partnerships with major VoIP manufacturers.” …

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